How to Enroll in Rice Lake Area Schools

Welcome to the Rice Lake Area School District

We're glad to have you!  We are proud of our growing reputation as a high-performing school district that encourages excellence in both our staff and our students. We hope you have a great educational experience here.

If you currently do not reside within the boundary of the Rice Lake Area School District, but would like to attend, please visit the Open Enrollment page

Enrollment Process

Families and students new to the district may register for school by visiting the district administration office located at 700 Augusta Street (see map). The district utilizes a "central enrollment" approach to registration, whereby, all students in a family enroll at one location (the administration building).

You do not need an appointment to enroll. If you have enrollment questions or need additional information, feel free to contact our central enrollment secretary, Katie Wick at 715-234-9007 ext. 5703 or by Email

Please bring the following with you when enrolling:

1. Proof of Child’s Age (select one of the following):

  • Birth Certificate: For information on how to request a Birth Certificate, please go to: or call Wisconsin Department of Health Services at (608) 266-1371
  • Current passport
  • State ID or driver's license

2. Parent/Guardian proof of identification

  • Only parents or legal guardians may enroll a student. Please bring proof of identification for yourself to your enrollment meeting.

*Please plan on this process taking 30 minutes or more